Elite Dangerous 2.3 Beta startet Ende Februar

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Elite Dangerous 2.3 Beta startet Ende Februar

Beitrag von Z.Brannigan » Fr 27. Jan 2017, 17:55

So nun hat Frontier einen Termin für die 2.3 Beta genannt.
In der Woche vom 20.02. bis 26.02. wird es soweit sein.
2.3 wird das "The Commanders" Update sein mit Multicrew und Commander Creator.

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Zac Antonaci


We’ve been receiving transmissions from Commanders all over the galaxy seeking more information on our next update. I’m pleased to be able to confirm that the beta of Elite Dangerous: The Commanders (2.3) will be landing the week ending February 26! This will be available to everyone with Horizons beta access.


With the content now reaching a stage where it begins to fit together, we’ll soon be able to start sharing more news and updates on exactly how the features will look and work. We’ll be sharing more granular detail about how the core features will function in our upcoming dev spotlight as well as showcasing all of the content in our pre-beta stream!

Elite Dangerous: The Commanders (2.3) will come with features such as Multicrew and Commander Creator, as well as a number of other improvements and changes. Bring your friends or invite new crew mates to pack that extra punch you might need in key situations, and add more personality to your Commander with an all-new visual upgrade.

So ready your engines and tell your friends, the Elite Dangerous: The Commanders beta is just around the corner.
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